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'Veiled' was a conceptual piece for 'Untainted Magazine' that explored the broader concept of veils in society. Age, race, culture are veils through which we perceive people. How can we revere one type of veil and hold another in contempt?

Shot on Polaroid film against dark velvet, ‘Veils’ explores both the visible and visible veils in our culture. 

Anchor 1

Aliya wears her veil to celebrate her religion. 

The more obvious veils in our society stem from different traditions. Culturally, veils were used during mourning to shield the mourner and protect their grief. 


Stying and Beauty: Khandiz Joni Towill

Models: Jenny Meister @ MOT Models / Aliya @ Au Naturaliya / Yulia Dan / Amina Fisher @ Leni's models 

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