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UNICEF Bolivia asked me to collect photo, video and written stories about their projects. The subjects ranged from sexual violence against women and children to indigenous rights. 


I worked with a graphic designer as the creative director to create 6 brochures for major donors. Alongside writing the content, I was the creative director for the brochures and also created several videos to highlight UNICEF's main programme goals for 2018-2022.



Bolivia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Over 10 million people in Bolivia belong to one of 37 indigenous nations. The historic discrimination that many indigenous people faced is gradually being eroded. However, smaller indigenous communities who live in remote areas still face poverty and exclusion, and one of the main challenges for the government is how to bring health and education services to them.




Often teachers, sent to rural schools by the government, don’t teach children in their mother tongue. Their pupils struggle to learn and become discouraged. One of UNICEF’s main achievements has been helping develop a new intercultural and plurilingual education model.


UNICEF Donor Report

UNICEF wanted a different style than usual for the brochures to show the diversity of the country. I layered both Polaroid and digital images over each other to give the feeling of a travel scrapbook. All six brochures sit in an envelope, but the content of the envelope could be tailored to the interests of individual donors.  

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