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Now You See Me

The series ‘Now You See Me’ was inspired by my own history of being of Asian descent but having grown up in Africa. Many people judge me on my skin colour and assume that I am culturally Asian, which frustrates me. I wanted to create portraits that go beyond the image, and portray the real story beneath people’s skin. With this series, I want to visually express people’s internal landscape: their cultures, personalities and how they define themselves.



is Iranian/ British and doesn't feel at home in either culture.  "In Iran, they think I am unladylike, I laugh too loudly and say what I think." The pomegranates in the pictures symbolize Iran and traditional ideas of femininity while the action of eating is seen as unladylike.


The other portrait of Lola is about cultural duality, the reflection that we project and who we really are.



50 years of

was abused as a child. After suffering from depression, she cut her ties with her family and is trying to recreate herself into someone fierce, who looks towards the light.  


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